Playa Architects is a Helsinki based architecture practice founded in 2007 by Veikko Ojanlatva (b. 1973) and Tuukka Vuori (b. 1976). The practice was founded after several years of collaboration and competitions.

We believe in the future, thorough design, play, sustainability, passion, architectural pluralism and quality. We are interested in fusing tradition and local identity with a contemporary sensibility and an international, future-oriented mindset.

Our design approach does not adhere to any particular method, philosophy, theoretical tenets or ‘isms’. Our philosophy is ultimately the same thing as the completed design, the finished site and its architectural quality, its feel and its experiential dimension. The creative phase of our design process is like a game of ping-pong with concepts, inspirations and sketches.

“A problem is above all an opportunity.” – Luis Mansilla

We see every project as an opportunity to open up a bold (new) perspective and interpretation. Every solution is a response to the particular needs and potential of each project we tackle, covering a wide spectrum from one-family homes to large-scale urban planning. Working in different scales is an important and natural way of learning to master the bigger picture – not to mention a fun challenge.

We regularly take part in architectural competitions both in Finland and internationally in order to study and develop new design tools, approaches and solutions. The roots of our practice lie in the numerous prizes we have won in architectural competitions.

Playa Architects is a member of the Association of Finnish Architects’ Offices (ATL).



Playa Architects

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