Bredanportti apartments

  • LocationKauniainen
  • TypeCommission, 2017
  • ClientA-Kruunu
  • Program3000 m²
  • StatusCompleted, 2020
TU-201124-brendanportti-005_w2480 photo by Tuomas Uusheimo

The terraced residential building is low-cost rental housing situated next to Koivuhovi train station. The height of the building varies from two to five floors as it climbs the hill.
Building entails apartments accessed from a stair core, external single loaded corridor and also apartments with their own front door. Some two floor apartments also include a lower ground floor level work/living space with it's own entrance.
Precast white concrete facades are dominated by the extensive balcony zone that wraps around the building. Each apartment has a balcony, glazed or both glazed and unglazed.

TU-201124-brendanportti-006_w2480photo by Tuomas UusheimoTU-201124-brendanportti-001_w2480photo by Tuomas UusheimoTU-201124-brendanportti-002_w2480photo by Tuomas UusheimoTU-201124-brendanportti-004_w2480photo by Tuomas UusheimoTU-201124-brendanportti-003_w1596photo by Tuomas UusheimoTU-201124-brendanportti-013_w1596photo by Tuomas UusheimoTU-201124-brendanportti-010_w2480photo by Tuomas UusheimoTU-201124-brendanportti-011_w1596photo by Tuomas UusheimoTU-201124-brendanportti-014_w2480photo by Tuomas UusheimoTU-201124-brendanportti-008_w1596photo by Tuomas UusheimoTU-201124-brendanportti-009_w2480photo by Tuomas UusheimoTU-201124-brendanportti-018_w1596photo by Tuomas UusheimoTU-201124-brendanportti-017_w1596photo by Tuomas UusheimoTU-201124-brendanportti-033_w2480photo by Tuomas UusheimoTU-201124-brendanportti-022_w2480photo by Tuomas UusheimoTU-201126-brendanportti-041_w1596photo by Tuomas Uusheimo