• LocationEspoo
  • TypeCommission
  • ClientSenaatti Kiinteistöt
  • Program3500 m2
  • StatusConcluded 2013

The state owned Hanasaari island houses the The Hanasaari Swedish-Finnish Cultural Centre and is located right on the Espoo - Helsinki border. Hanasaari is part of the Espoo T3-area of science, art, business and culture.

The plan is a long term road map for the development of Hanasaari island to reflect the coming changes in the surroundings - especially the new Koivusaari residential area. The existing situation has been improved by adding pedestrian and bicycle routes and additional parking. A cafe/gallery -building, a seaside sauna and a new extension to the Cultural Centre have been added to extend the Centre's services and potential.

The neighboring Koivusaari subway station and the new residential area will alter the situation of Hanasaari