Helminauha block

  • LocationHelsinki
  • TypeCommission, 2022- (collaboration with K2S, Nomaji, Ramboll)
  • ClientSuomen Asuntokehitys, Bonava, EKE-Rakennus, SATO, Y-Säätiö
  • Program16 700 m²
  • StatusIn progress

The new Helminauha block strengthens the main public space of Puotinharju area, the Stoa square, and helps redefining the surrounding street spaces. The block consists of apartments and ground level commercial spaces. Together with the neighboring existing shopping mall the the block forms a new street access connecting the Stoa square and Kasthelholmantie. The new street, Kastelholmankuja, is an active and green urban space for pedestrians and bicycles.