Summerhouse V

  • LocationHirvensalmi, Finland
  • TypeCommission
  • ClientPrivate
  • Program71 m²
  • StatusCompleted, 2021
TU-230627-vapunsaari-011_w1240 Tuomas Uusheimo

The summerhouse is located on a small rocky island of lake Suontee. The site has long views to open lake and is at time exposed to strong winds. Building envelope is protected by a saddle roof with long eaves. Covered outdoor spaces are shielded from the winds by external walls that also frame the views towards the lake.
The main interior space of kitchen and living room is characterized by the visible saddle roof and views to open lake (and the evening sun).
The building has a non-insulated 200 mm thick CLT frame in shape of logs for easy transport and assembly during construction. CNC machining of the CLT frame enables very simple, but elegant detailing. Floor and roof have wood fibre insulation and are constructed of LVL and glulam beams. Both the building frame and all interior claddings are of spruce and mostly untreated.

TU-230627-vapunsaari-025_w1240Tuomas UusheimoTU-230627-vapunsaari-029_w1240Tuomas UusheimoTU-230627-vapunsaari-019_w1240Tuomas UusheimoTU-230627-vapunsaari-027_w1240Tuomas UusheimoTU-230627-vapunsaari-016_w798Tuomas UusheimoTU-230627-vapunsaari-007_w798Tuomas UusheimoTU-230627-vapunsaari-020_w798Tuomas UusheimoTU-230627-vapunsaari-045_w1240Tuomas UusheimoTU-230627-vapunsaari-004_w1240Tuomas UusheimoTU-230627-vapunsaari-036_w798Tuomas UusheimoTU-230627-vapunsaari-035_w798Tuomas UusheimoTU-230627-vapunsaari-040_w798Tuomas UusheimoTU-230627-vapunsaari-049_w798Tuomas UusheimoTU-230627-vapunsaari-043_w1240Tuomas UusheimoTU-230627-vapunsaari-038_w798Tuomas UusheimoTU-230627-vapunsaari-047_w798Tuomas UusheimoTU-230627-vapunsaari-042_w798Tuomas UusheimoTU-230627-vapunsaari-046_w798Tuomas UusheimoVapunsaari-asema-1-1000_w1240Vapunsaari-pohja-1-200_w1240Vapunsaari-leikkaus-1-200_w1240