Mårtensbro school and daycare

  • LocationEspoo
  • TypeInvited competition, 1st prize 2009
  • ClientCity of Espoo
  • Program7 000 m²
  • StatusCompleted 7/2012
TU-120802-martensbro-075_w1240 Photo by Tuomas Uusheimo

The new building house day-care, pre-school and school facilities for 550 students and a staff of 70.
To best adapt to the site topography the building varies in height from one storey day-care wing to three stories on the northern side.
The two wings define a smaller scale southwards opening courtyard, which is shielded from the traffic and cold north wind by the higher part of the building.
Facades are mostly of hand made off-white brick except the courtyard facade which in contrast features large timber columns for sunshading and to emphasize the undulating eaves line.
The main lobby (=main entrance, dining hall, stage and student library) is located centrally between the wings containing the class rooms. The lobby connects all the different levels and functions and offers long views to the surroundings.
Inside the materials and colours are neutral (hand-made brick, concrete and birch) to provide a long-lasting backdrop for the hustle and bustle of kids.
The school building is a pilot project for energy efficient education buildings for the City of Espoo. BIM-based simulations were used to project building's energy consumption during design.
Building utilizes district heating, geothermal energy and solar energy both passively and actively.
Furthermore the building is test bed for a forced-air system and during construction an array of wireless RFID sensors were embedded in the structures to provide real-time information on the building.

TU-120706-martensbro-026_w1240Photo by Tuomas UusheimoTU-120813-martensbro-001_w840Photo by Tuomas UusheimoIMG_0816_w124020120327_motensbro-73_w124020120328_moertensbro-46_crop_w1240Photo by Decopic20120328_moertensbro-55_w1240Photo by Decopic20120328_mortensbro-7_w840Photo by DecopicTU-120802-martensbro-034_w1240Photo by Tuomas UusheimoTU-120802-martensbro-047_w840Photo by Tuomas UusheimoTU-120813-martensbro-019_w840Photo by Tuomas UusheimoTU-120802-martensbro-052_w840Photo by Tuomas UusheimoTU_martensbro_016_w840Photo by Tuomas UusheimoTU-120802-martensbro-065_w1240Photo by Tuomas UusheimoTU-120802-martensbro-113_w1240Photo by Tuomas UusheimoTU-120813-martensbro-003_w1240Photo by Tuomas UusheimoTU-120813-martensbro-023_w1240Photo by Tuomas UusheimoTU-120813-martensbro-010_w1240Photo by Tuomas Uusheimo20120328_moertensbro-35_w840Photo by Decopicmårtensbro_kaupunkirakenne_1_5000_w1240mårtensbro_2nd-floor_1_500_w1240Mårtensbro_kisaluonnos_w1240IMG_5494_Tuukka-Vuori_w1240