Palokka centre block

  • LocationJyväskylä
  • TypeCommission
  • ClientCity of Jyväskylä
  • Program12 300 m²
  • StatusConcluded 2014

Palokka is a growing northern neighbourhood of Jyväskylä with good connections to the downtown area.
The new residential block is situated in the centre of the neighbourhood next to the new library building and between the commercial area and the older residential area. The new block helps defining the street and public space next to the sprawling commercial area.

The block varies in height and shape to provide daylight and views to and from the surroundings. The outer perimeter of the block is bent to provide small plazas and to improve the visibility of the library.
Existing pedestrian paths are supported and enhanced by dividing the block in two. Furthermore a new path is created through the block to the library.

The block consists of a small commercial space and several different types of housing, including assisted living and apartments for senior citizens. Several types of outdoor areas are provided in the block for different functions and levels of privacy. The block has extensive communal spaces that partly accessible to the neighborhood.