Työnjohtajankatu apartments

  • LocationHelsinki
  • TypeCommission, 2017
  • ClientJM Suomi
  • Program4200 + 9200 m²
  • StatusCompleted, 2021, 2022
Photo by Tuomas Uusheimo

Conversion of and old industrial and commercial site into a new housing area close to Herttoniemi metro station. Oldest part of the existing (GWS) factory, a red brick building by E. Teräsrvirta & E. Huttunen, is left as a historic layer and as area's functional focal point. The new residential buildings echo the materiality of the industrial history with brick bases and steel clad upper parts. The area is shielded from the traffic by a integrated hotel and multi-storey garage building with roof top sports facilities.

Photo by Tuomas UusheimoPhoto by Tuomas UusheimoPhoto by Tuomas UusheimoPhoto by Tuomas Uusheimo