Viikki Science Park housing block

  • LocationHelsinki
  • TypeInvited competition, first prize 2007
  • ClientHOAS, University of Helsinki
  • Program6700 m2 (1st phase), 15 000 m2 (whole block)
  • StatusCompleted 7/2010 (1st phase)
d5_100629_033_w1240 Photo by Tuomas Uusheimo

A housing block for university students and staff consists of 7 residential buildings (260 apartments) and a parking garage. The design emphasizes communality and forms a distinctive addition to the Univerisity Science Park campus. Student housing buildings are connected by a path running through the entry courtyards. Slight variations in the buildings' geometry open up maximum views to the pastoral surroundings.

d5_100927_011_w840Photo by Tuomas UusheimoTU-5D-110126-028_w1240Photo by Tuomas Uusheimod5_100927_025_w1240Photo by Tuomas Uusheimod5_100927_021_w1240Photo by Tuomas Uusheimod5_100830_010__Tuomas-U_w1240Photo by Tuomas Uusheimod5_100830_001_w840Photo by Tuomas Uusheimod5_100629_017_Tuomas-U_w840Photo by Tuomas UusheimoTU-5D-110126-041_w840Photo by Tuomas UusheimoTU-5D-110126-050_w840Photo by Tuomas Uusheimod5_101210_018_w1240Photo by Tuomas UusheimoIMG_6740_w1240kooste_w1240Photo by Tiia Ettalakooste2_w1240Photo by Tiia Ettalad5_101008_025_w840Photo by Tuomas Uusheimod5_101008_007_w840Photo by Tuomas UusheimoP9142073_w124025102007_muodot_w1240HOASViikki_kaupunkirakenne_1_5000_w1240HOASViikki_pohja_1_250_w1056